How to make video calls in whatsapp

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You should now that there are many applications that let you chat with your friends and family through video any calls, voice and image, but this feature is still non-existent in whatsapp application ,the most immediate communication programs commonly used in the world. But today you can take advantage of this feature and chat with your friends in whatsapp with the help of the application “booyah”




booyah application works with whatsapp as many other networking applications , and users can chat with their friends voice and image seamlessly, whether they are on the Android system or IOS.The beauty of the application is that it is not required to log on, in order to facilitate the chat and communicate process as much as possible , you can also use other applications such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat if you do not have whatsapp .The application have the possibility of creating a video conversation collectively with friends just publish your link conversation with anyone in whatsapp or other applications .Up to 12 people can joing the conference call.



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