Linux Command Line – Command line trick

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 An introduction to linux Command line tricks : you will be able to make your own commands .If you are a regular user of Windows or Mac OSX, you will feel like being lost in a strange world in the first time you install and try Linux as the operating system for your computer. In this article, we  will show you some tips to help you get accustomed to the magnificent world of Linux as a beginner.Do not be afraid of the command line .For an average Linux user, the command line is arguably one of the most frequently used applications. The command line is a very powerful and useful tool, you can do almost all the basic computer tasks on the terminal, such as browsing websites, using it as an online chat client or a mail client, you can even listen to music and watch videos on the terminal as well. By the same token, do not be afraid of the command line, try to learn all the basic commands and use the terminal as frequently as possible and your knowledge about Linux will increase very fast.Follow steps little by little and you will success .