Show Hiden Game in Facebook chat and supprise your friends

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Chat window in Facebook is not just to send messages and images to your friends, but there are hidden game that you can surprise your friends with it . Hidden game is a game of chess, where you can play with your friends without having to install third-party applications, all you need is to insert the word “@fbchess play” in the chat window and click on Enter. And it will show the game as you see in the picture

How to Play :

Instead of dragging and dropping the chess pieces as is the case in most of the known applications, players must use text commands to move the game pieces. So it is divided into several sections in the chess box, from 1 to 8, the other side is divided Al form of letters from a to h .


The chess known elements are as follows:

P for military

K for King

N for the horse

R for Castle

B for Knight

Q for queen.



To Start the game you must first be writte “fbchess @” and then followed the military code, for example, (P) was the box that you want to move it to him, for example, site (b3). Let the result (@fbchess Pb3) and then click on the Enter.